Drums are not drums: Unspoken words into organic visions /AIR-Krems (work in progress)



A mixed project  that involves video analysis/tracking, 3d animation  and sound to create animated graphic partitures for solo improvisers and ensambles of improvisation. Each partiture will represent one portrait of a new emotive alphabet  as a part of a bigger 3d graphic/sound installation. An abstract dictionary of improvisers.


But why 3d?
We want to capture as part of the same analysis and in a synthetic process the essence of sound. Sound and music are a vital and organic representation of life. The movements of each improviser will inspired the arrange of this portraits,  and with the "clearness" of this representation the musicians will have a clear guide, for each new performance, we will capture again, recording in video, hands, fingers, the movements of the neck, the cheeks, the hips... Each part of  the body expression that happen while the music is running.


Then we can talk about what we´re searching: attitude, expressivity, stength and elegance...  a new library of the poetry of the body movements accompany the improvisers while they are performing. All the meanings happening, all the things that body try to say, that the essence of music, the soul of the musician! At the end... what we hear.


The first part of this project was developed on february 2011 in  the ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE at Krems, Austria.





The Project - Presentation of the project Unspoken words into organic visions
The Sound - Recordings in audio and video of the different exercises around improvisations
The Image - Development of the 3d graphics, modeling,concept & design, shading &animation before the final render of the complete partiture for the installation setup
Vienna Network - Future Reviews, Interviews and retrospectives Calendar of Vienna Experimental Scene Artists at Audition Records e-magazine. A project curated by Julian Bonequi
Workshops - Introduction to extended techniques and improvisation with percussion
Shule der Vielfalt - Introduction to professional 3d softwares at Borg-Krems High School