CODEX HOLOPHRENICUS 1:4 | XR Scores & Alternative Worlds for Invisible Music | Berlin 2020

How to remark the organicity and physicality of virtuality (IRL) if we can’t play with the idea of the invisible as an extension of reality?
Holofrenia is a nod to the original immersive technology: Dreams.

This project plays with the mystical relationship between music and nature, as well as with the creation of new paradigms for unconventional sonic writing.
The complete score counts with more than 200 interactions based on distances, nuances, hand gesture sequences and rhythm, and includes between 1200 to 1500 voices grouped in vocal sextets and octets, all of them interpreted by the author.

Interaction Design, Development & Idea;
3D Modeling & Rendering;
XR Composition, Sound Design & Choirs by Julian Bonequi.
Co-production support: Medien.Bayern GmbH / XR HUB Munich.