Coding music and composing via automatons:
All the music of ˥∀ᴚ∩⊥∀NᴚƎԀ∩S was produced from January 19th to February 9th, 2021 with Tidal Cycles "free/open source software, a software that allows you to make generative patterns and sequences with code", and recorded direclty as a mixed stereo channel in SuperCollider.

99% of the electronic sounds and processes you will listen in this coding experiment were based on Holofrenia "Imaginary a Cappella Choirs" (E.g. listed below) to be published in the following weeks as ˥∀ᴚ∩⊥∀NᴚƎԀ∩S B-Sides, an exclusive vocal session recorded on February 3rd & 4th. All the samples were produced by the author, even percussion (1%).

˥∀ᴚ∩⊥∀NᴚƎԀ∩S is not a closed album, our automatons are 426 lines of code and they could be performed anytime as an endless composition.

Special thanks to Tidal Cycles forum & tutorials


Compos(t)ing Imaginary a Capella Choirs:
There is a huge contrast between the digital realm and the organic realm in the way I compose music, and even beyond on how I would love to perform it live.

Below you can listen an excerpt of the original session of February 4th, 2021, where I composed patterns by hand in a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), recording layers while improvising on top of my own vocal improvisations. After the precomposed improvisations were completed, I prepared small loops from 4 to 8 seconds in order to work with them as my audioSources in Tidal Cycles software while doing new compositions with code.

As you can listen, you will not recognize absolutely in the whole album of SUPERNATURAL (˥∀ᴚ∩⊥∀NᴚƎԀ∩S) the following song. That's the beauty of the current conversation between the human machine versus Musica Automata