Extended Reality Collective Experiments
The Holophrenic Conference is a hybrid presentation about the physicality of virtuality, where reflections of a poetic nature and demos are shared with live activated apps, from the perspective of transmedia, digital technologies, and dreams as a ritual tool of science fiction.

This conference is considered itself as a perfomative piece, guided by a score of actions and demonstrations sharing the progress of the HOLOPHRENIC THEATER project, and what better way to talk about the Holophrenic than in a format of representation, interpretation and reading of extended realities and immersion, where the activation of the interfaces is part of the explanation.

The Holophrenic Conference was premiered in 2018 at Inmersiva Festival, and in 2019 continued mutating and has been presented in the Postgraduate of the Faculty of Arts of the Autonomous University of Chihuahua, the 3rd Anniversary of Tonalá Cinema in Tijuana and in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Querétaro.