Experimental EP for Oculus [Contemplative Experience & Live Performance]
Length: 19'30"
Credits: Original Idea / Script / CG Art / Animation / Programming / Music & Live Performance by Julian Bonequi.
Awarded by the Support Program for Production and Research in Art and Media. PAPIAM 2016-2018 CENART Mexico.

"The story of Antagony takes place in a hallucinogenic and strange version of the planet Mars, where the only inhabitant — a geneticist on a special mission —, receives the news of the end of the world as the last communication with planet Earth. While accelerates the results of the investigation to save the future of humanity mixing his own DNA with minerals, plants, and animals via mycosis, as a sole individual lacks collective understanding of humanity and society, and wanders between the nothingness of nihilism and the edges of the precipice of post-humanist deception in the search for clarity, experimental metaphysics, and our creative capacities as thinking beasts. The current VR-Extended Play Record is a ritualistic interpretation of the last dreams and feelings before the geneticist death."