Coding music and composing via automatons:
Composition & programming for strings, vocals & percussion, coded with Tidal Cycles. All instruments, code and voices interpreted by Bonequi.

That the code generates alive quasi human presences.
That machines deciphering their algorithmic liminality articulate onomatopoeic chants from the supernatural.
What is the sound of the stones? Which of "the representational code of dreaming"? (*)
* From "Pain in dreams", 1993 National Library of Medicine.

Titles were inspired by quotes from the book Hyposubjects: On Becoming Human by Timothy Morton & Dominic Boyer; and by Reza Negarestani.
Track 1 was produced completely in Berlin (May-June 2021), and the rest of the writing code & compositional process was produced like a trip puzzle in cities as New York, Long Beach and Mexico City over from July to December 2021. Exceptionally, track 4 includes no code but a raw recording from 2017 instead, improvising with strings and vocals.