GA.IA | Portraits and Visions in Multispecies Scenarios

Aug-Sep 2022 | Solo Show at MAIA Contemporary Gallery, Mexico City.

Is it possible to capture the spirit of language and materials of cognition or spirituality in an era where the technological singularity has already been set in motion?

Planet Earth constantly transforms its composition to ensure its survival, including all living beings, plants, oceans, and minerals, as a single powerful organism. Like her, humans integrate a microcosm of connections and code into their bodies with all life forms. Through that sentient body, we can merge with our source from imagination, perception, biomimetic creativity, and communication with what has always been clear for many ancient cultures: GAIA is alive.

With this vision in mind, GA.IA is born: Generative Art / Artificial Intelligence, as an interior projection and a reflection of the state of the Art according to these times, in which every detail of the objects as well as any element of the natural world are endowed with life, soul, and consciousness of their own. It is through this mediation that today it is possible for us to enunciate an idea and, in seconds or minutes, check if the concept adequately communicates what one imagines, with access to the greatest in the history of humankind.

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