MUSIC BACKGROUND 1993- 2022 for history noise geeks & unconventional music lovers

Teatro Holofrénico | Holofrenia 2017-2022
- On Becoming Human ( Berlin_US_Mexico 2021 ) - Coded Composition + Vocal Channeling
- XR al Fresco ( Berlin 2020 ) - Live Recording with Interactive Scores
- ˥∀ᴚ∩⊥∀NᴚƎԀ∩S( Berlin 2020 ) - A Cappella Choirs
- Heat in the Heart ( Berlin 2020 ) - Live at Audiovisionen Berlin. Mapped Drums, Sensors + Vocal Channeling
- Prologue ( Berlin-Mexico 2012-2020 ) - Vocal Work Studies
- The Death of the Anthropocene ( Berlin 2017 ) - a Sci-Fi English Radio Drama performed live at CTM Festival + German version streamed by Deutschlandradio Kultur

( SIC ) - 2013 - 2020
Alongside Rodrigo Ambriz - (SIC) have been considered by the international press as one of the most brutal and unconventional avant-garde bands in the history of experimental music in Mexico. Some of our hightlights: Berghain (CTM Festival 2017) + having great time performing with massive PA soundsystems - sharing cartel with bands as Ex Eye (CTM), The Ex & Neurosis (Bestia Festival), Lightning Bolt & Bálazs Pándi (Aural Festival) and performing in trio with Martin Escalante, Joachim Montessuis + a LP recorded in Paris as quintet with SCZRS.

Berlin 2010-2012:
One important primal holophrenic-transform-action happened after cutting with a saw in a half the tama jazz drums, the drum kit was less than 20 kg in order to play around Europe as much as possible with a portable 12 inch bass drum and a 10 inch toy snare. 3 small toy drums were packed with a mackie mixer & a set of thomann mics, and since then I started using the PA soundsystem as the main instrument, where the drums were the controller and the PA the bed to jump over the frequencies of liminality.

Favorite projects from that period besides my solo work: Animales Varios with Klaus Kurvers (Kontrabass), and with guests as Mat Pogo, Els Vandeweyer and Ute Wassermann; with the noise-band Ultraspießer joining forces with Julian Percy (Last Dominion Lost) and sharing cartel with Charles Hayward (This Heat) in 2012 at NK. Also at NK and organized by Rumpsti Pumsti, performing with Vagina Dentata Organ - as a marching drum band with Els Vandeweyer, John Murphy, Marcelo Aguirre, Michael Gillham, Morten J. Olsen (concert released as LP by Harbinger Sound in 2012).

21st Century:
In 2004 Holofrenia moved to Europe and got quickly involved into the european improvised music scene, performing under the conduction of the London Improvisers Orchestra (2008), Berlin Improvisers Orchestra (2010-2012) - w/ Tristan Honsinger, Alexander von Schlippenbach - ; Orquesta FOCO de Madrid (2006-2011) - w/ William Parker, Keith Tippett, Eddie Prévost, Michael Fischer [Vienna Improvisers Orchestra] -, and releasing &/or touring with some amazing free-jazz-punk bands as Machinations of Joy with Dave Tucker [The Fall] and Ricardo Tejero (Barcelona 2010); w/Discordian Records: The Third Mind w/el Pricto, Don Malfon & Alvaro Muñoz - & - Reptilian Mambo featuring Avelino Saavedra; Tabla y Cuchillo in Berlin (2011) again w/Ricardo Tejero + two years later as trio with Niko Meinhold; and in Istanbul, with Korhan Futacı [Konstrukt*], Umut Çağlar*, Barlas Tan Özemek* & Yasemin Mori.

90's - Oldies but Goodies:
Holofrenia started as a progressive free jazz-rock drummer under an anthropomorphic shape in the early 90's getting involved with the legendary - rock in opposition - mexican band Decibel in 1999 (included in the CD boxsets "Dossier: 1977-2017" {on Disc 4 "In Concert Plus… 1999 [Live at Ex-Teresa Museum]" Cleopatra Recs Los Angeles 2020 and "Fiat Lux" {MIO Records Israel 2003}), and openining shows to bands as Magma, Le Orme & John Wetton (King Crimson)... and recording live sessions or in studio with bands and musicians as Germán Bringas (Jazzorca), Humus, Victor Mendez (Oxxomaxoma), Metaconciencia... some of them released by Musea 'Le Classiques Du Futur' in France.