April 2023 | Musicophilia, Mexico City | Phygital AI Processes for Film and Performances
Premiered at the Technological Art Exhibition at Ciudad Creativa Digital, Media Arts Festival Guadalajara, Mexico.

Musicophilia is an AI generative art project inspired by the fantastic book "Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain" by Oliver Sacks, where the artists reflects on the Neurodivergent Voices of Liminality under the effects of Deep Listening, in contrast with the invisible forces of the "Synthetic and Artificial Worlds" as part of a consciousness system of planetary computation coded by Nature.

With the special participation of the Mexican dancer Euridice Navi (Body in Motion).

Media: "Artificial Intelligence, text-to-video with Deforum Stable Diffusion; vfx programming, and edition with Processing in collaboration with ChatGPT-4; vfx code with Hydraa; Sound Design coded with Tidal Cycles open-source software" by Julian Bonequi.

Additional Credits: Art Direction, Body Painting & Photography by Bonequi.