CG-Art & Ilustration. Guest Professor of the Master Degree in Animation in the Polytechnic University of Valencia and at the Pompeu Fabra University  (2009-2011). Professor in the career of Design in Digital Media at Centro University in Mexico City (2014). He teaches as freelancer specialized courses of 3d graphics and digital art tutorials depending the needs of each student. He works with 3d since 2004 and with multigenere improvisation and art since 1995. Curator and creator of Audition Records Berlin in 2010, and since 2013 is based in Mexico City. Guest Curator of Ex Teresa Arte Actual Museum (2014) and currently of his radio program at Centro de Cultura Digital, also in Mexico.

IMPORTANT: My 3d reel haven’t been updated since 2010 on the net. You can look to my CV for updates or at my homepage for new designs.

In 2014 my characters were published in the Pictoplasma Character Portraits book, alongside works by Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, Boris Hoppek, Jeremyville, Curiot, Brosmind, Smithie, among others.
And recently in January 2015 a Golden Record Vinyl have been sent to space, with Forever Now a project curated by Aphids, and presented in the Gala Exhibition at MOFO 2015 Hobart, Tasmania. The vinyl include works by Dorian Wood, Amanda Palmer, Gotye, Mats Gustafsson, Piere Henry and Julian Bonequi, among others.

That’s it.

Follow my work if you want @ bonequi in fb. And for my upcoming animated films — check Audition Records Graphic Department site.