Evolutionary textile-vocal cultivation: XR-AI installation and performance.
"His most recent work transcends the limits of reality. Julian Bonequi works with textiles, interactive artificial intelligence, breeding materials, and channeling rituals and hierophanies."




{Planetary Diaspora: Textile Offering}

Making-off 2023-2024 R&D. All content produced by Julian Bonequi.

Artificial Intelligence Real-time Image Generation with Webcam by Julian Bonequi. (Mexico City 2024).
R&D working with A1111. Ready for commissions with Version 3.0

Installation and Inaugural performance
National Institute of Genomic Medicine, INMEGEN | MEXICO CITY 07/03/2024

The National Institute of Genomic Medicine of Mexico and Bioescénica commissioned me to work with my Mitochondrial DNA to produce a speculative piece reflecting on the ancient ancestors from whom our matrilineage descends linked to each one's mtDNA haplogroup. After receiving that eye-opening information at the beginning of 2023, I have researched and studied more about ritual garment confection. I learned to sew, weave, and embroider, immersing myself in the knowledge of ancient technologies such as 'Nahua' Mexican back strap loom, Mesoamerican embroidery, and Precolumbian and Latinoamerican textile semiotics as an homage to our matrilineal ancestors.

Who are we as Mestizos?
Is mestizaje (miscegenation) a myth?
Do cultural genocide and the Westernized ideal of modernity and whiteness since 1900, perhaps have taken away from us all the magical knowledge of our ancestors?

KOSMOS-CORPUS-PRAXIS is a ritual, a ritual of parenting different planetary materials, "Crianza de materiales" in Spanish, viable systems of life and decolonial aesthetics, interacting with corn seeds and ground, textiles, vocals, and healing frequencies, in addition to discreet XR technologies (as 3D scans and AI animated masks activated with the embroidered/AR flower of the solar plexus).<>/p

In 2023, while preparing for this project, the most inspiring ritual that I have learned is that traditional textiles are, in fact, woven scores for vocal channeling in cultures such as the Shipibo weavers of the Peruvian Amazon connected to their healing songs, the ícaros. When the Shipibo weavers sing while touching their woven textiles, they have already translated the shamanic cosmovisions transferred to them by the seer during sacred plant rituals. Via woven practices and vocal channeling, they connect body and vital energy in a deep conversation with the Cosmos and transfer it to textile representation as healing transducers or XR scores into ícaro songs.

The corn seeds are growing as plants in 2024 as part of the installation. (Soon more documentation). Additionally, the installation of the textile mask (with a second one done in 2024) was completed with a vocal activation as one of the main inaugural acts of the exhibition entitled "MITOCHONDRIA / Immersion in the maternal lineage" at the National Center for the Arts in 2023, and at the National Institute of Genomic Medicine, INMEGEN in 2024 in Mexico City.


Installation and Inaugural performance
National Center for the Arts, CENART | MEXICO CITY 07/12/2023



Textile offering, additional experimentation with artificial imagery and ritual channeling
Textile Art, XR Photography, Artificial Imagery, Sound Design, and Vocals by Julian Bonequi
Special appearance by the artist Eurídice Navi