Body Architecture: Artificial Intelligence Workshop Applied to Kinetic-Performing Arts 2024

First Edition, at the Multimedia Center of the National Center of the Arts, Mexico City (Jan 29-Feb 7).

Sharing and exchanging open source knowledge with others and creating participatory experiences are among the main goals of this hybrid workshop.

Prepare to be captivated by thrilling explorations on 'Body Architecture. This workshop implements Playful Strategies, open-source, and Artificial Intelligence in a necessary exchange and conversation between the artificial and the natural, the ancestral and the 'new,' and with all the other Planetary forms of life of the Mothership of Earth.
This innovative approach will pique your curiosity with a unique, creative, and innovative methodology Applied to Kinetic-Performing Arts. We will explore raw wearables and improvised garment confection for real-time image generation with artificial intelligence, while weaving together liminal-planetary communities.

Research on the hybridization of ancestral technologies with unconventional coding and writing methods on the use of new media all contribute to a powerful conclusion: it is not technology that will supplant us, but rather ourselves.
We must learn to rework Reality with our own hands, embracing organic planetary creativity and physical-biotechnological innovation.